Xtend-A-Room – Toy Hauler Patio


We finally decided to test out our Xtend-A-Room from A&E and it really does add a good amount of space in our Toy Hauler.  The kit will come with support posts, but we did not need to use them as our Thor Outlaw was already equipped to be a suspended patio.  We simply just put up right over our patio.  We mainly got this for those weekends when company comes into town or bugs season, so far it is working out and worth the investment.         http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0031NHRXQ

  1. Hey Denny – this looks like an awesome addition. Can you tell me what size you ordered? I think this is a “must have” for our sketter and knat problems here in Sims, NC. Thanks!

  2. Well, just placed an order for a large Xtend-A-Room for our Outlaw. THANK YOU DENNY – you may have saved my life, or at least all my blood, from the mosquitoes and knats and no-see-ums. Why is it my husband doesn’t get bitten, but I do? Cause I’m so sweet I reckon! Thanks again for the great purchase idea. (We already have an induction cook-top and LOVE it.)

  3. We have this for our sandstorm Th, we are considering purchasing the Class C 29h toyhauler Outlaw. Have you had any issues with your Class A yet.

  4. I’m looking to get an add a room for my iconic toyhauler do you have the measurements for this setup

    • ibanesve@yahoo.com says:

      you know.. we actually gave it away.. it turned out to be more of a pain in the butt to put up.. :/

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