Weekend #3 “Party Party!”

Time Flys:
It has already been 3 weeks and I completely forgot to post something last weekend, a sign that we are enjoying ourselves here in Key Largo.

Neighbors, Boating, Bars:
So our neighbors recently got a new boat and were kind enough to take us out on day trips yesterday and today, both days filled with a lot of sun and enough libations to test our dedication to waking up at 6:00am tomorrow to work out. But I will say going to bed at 9:30 never felt so good. Good times, good people, and lots of memories being created. “Party Party” are the words I remember hearing most and might have to incorporate in our travels.

Cross-fit, pulled back, NuBain:
So far we have been very diligent about trying to keep our workout schedule, but we did miss last Wednesday due to myself tweaking my back once again: But with some rest, heat packs and shot of NuBain, which was awful, I am back to about 85% and looking forward to tomorrow. Class is going very well, but we need to incorporate some more cardio, unless it’s the salt water air that is causing the snugger fit in my clothes.

Movies on the water at the bar:
So Key Largo is a pretty small town for those that don’t know, less than 40k residents, no airport, and no movie theater just to help paint the picture. But there is the “Caribbean Club”, which is walking distance from us, that shows movies on Monday nights! A nice treat for us since we enjoy watching them and are looking forward to our new weekly plan. Next movie is “It’s a wonderful life” a great seasonal classic and I’m looking forward to it.

Christmas work week:
Well, it seems like tomorrow should be a light day before having Christmas Eve & Christmas Day off. Our plan is to rent a car and head to Miami for the day on Tuesday and drive over to Key West for Wednesday, we have some stocking up to do and taking advantage of the downtime. (Water, Cat liter, Propane, all the things that don’t fit on the bike. Definitely missing our families, so keeping occupied will help.

Life photos for a long time:
Of course, Veronica’s pictures will paint a much better visual of what is going on, it seems like everyday is an adventure of some sort. Just to note for those who read this, no drinking at all happens while on the bike: It should go without saying, but something I take very seriously, even driving at night is something I try to avoid, so please know that Veronica’s safety as well as my own always comes first, even had new brakes put on and everything tuned up. Safety first!

Safe travels and live well


  1. Hi Denny!!!

    I saw the pictures, everything look very pretty and very interesting!!!! You said, safe is first always!!! You have one of my treasures in your hands!!! Take care of her!!!

    We are missing you both!!!! We love you both so much!!!


  2. I’m glad you two are enjoying the weather! We Are looking forward to visiting in February 🙂 Merry Christmas and lots of Hugs and kisses from us!

    • ibanesve@yahoo.com says:

      Yeay! We look forward to it! And Merry Xmas!!! We miss you all 🙂

  3. Denny,
    Really enjoying living vicariously through your key’s experience! Keep living the dream bud! I pass through Fort Lauderdale airport once a month and your home base looks amazing from the air. Love the page and updates!!

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