Weekend #1 Motorcycle to Key West

News of the Day:
Working on our second week here in Key Largo and loving it.
RV is packed with groceries and we seem to have a nice daily routine that finds us taking a short five minute motorcycle ride during lunch or after work to pick up fresh veggies or stopping at the grocery store for a red box and more necessities. The rides alone are a nice break and the warm sun always feels good.

Will they come or not:
My parents were thinking about coming down for the month of January. I hope it materializes as they would really enjoy it down here and break up their winter. There are plenty of places and they have to do is make it happen. I hope they read this and get the extra bug to make it a reality.
Life is short, make it happen.

Motorcycle to Key West:
This past Saturday, we made our first bike ride out to Key West. It started with a lite rain that picked up quickly before we could conveniently stop for gas, but just like south Florida fashion, five minutes later and the sun was to stay for the remainder of our ride. The way their was pretty easy as the wind was heading our way p, but the 2 hour drive did wear us down a little. Much respect for those who drive non stop. The most hair raising experience of the ride was going across the seven mile bridge in Marathon Key. Basically just you and your bike on a two lane bridge for seven miles with water on both sides, you start to really feel alive as you subject yourself to the elements and feel so small compared to the vast sea. The way back posed more of a challenge as the winds were a little more intense. Lesson learned, never crossing that stretch in the dark or rain.
Key west is always a good time. As we found ourselves in a more mature state of mind, we appreciated the unexpected family orientated Christmas parade on a Saturday night, enjoyed at a wine bar, followed by dinner at Blue Heaven an old favorite. Ah, more bike rides to happen and many more places to see

Cross-fit Key Largo:
I guess I will admit it, I enjoy kicking my own ass, but for nothing more than to be able to enjoy my food and wine within limitations. I don’t want to get all in super shape, I Just do not want to diet again. Enjoying a balanced healthy lifestyle is what Veronica and I are striving for, so far so good. New routine is M,W,F from 7:00am – 8:00am (weather permitting)

Boat Parade:
This Saturday they have the Key Largo boat parade which goes right past our location, should an interesting thing for us to as we plan on staying close by this weekend. Lots to see and do right here in our own small town of less than 15,000 people.

Raleigh Friends:
We think about the old crew, especially the G.I gym family now as we have more times on our hand. We made some good lasting friendships and I see how they materialize with some of the new people we have met here at the campgrounds who keep coming back year after year and mainly because of the people. We met another neighbor Rick and his wife Susan from Minnesota, always battling the snow and one of the many who comes back to Kings Kamp.

Live well & Good night:
I finally feel the calm in the air as things are starting to settle down, by next week, we will be back in regular easy living mode…. Cheers and live well!