Week 1 of RV Living!


I thought things would get a little easier with finally being situated with our recent move, but here we are and already signed up for a three month stint at the local Crossfit “Key Largo” center. So back to “easy Monday ‘s” without missing a beat.
Overall, I must say everything has worked out quite smoothly, we had our first scare today as we blew our first circuit! I guess running a dual command center, plus cooking , plus running AC at the same time will cause something to trip. “Scotty, we need more Power!”
Well, after just 5 days of starting this adventure, I am very happy to say we made a great decision. Life is starting have a little more purpose and the road will soon be a clean canvas for us to explore, (of course after this cold 75 degree Key Largo winter) (sorry). 🙂
On a kitty note, we finally let ‘Mango & Kali’ run the neighborhood, I guess it was pretty successful as both made it home and back in bed with us now. They have it too good to just run away on us !
I hope to have a better Post after this weekend, still just a lot of getting settled into and starting our life routine, however we did find a great farmers market close by and plenty of boats with lots of fish coming back to shore , hopefully I will find a good resource for some super fresh fish soon, real soon!!
Good night, safe travels & live well!

    • ibanesve@yahoo.com says:

      Denny says use less stuff that needs to be plugged in.. tough

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