Two months in and feeling it!


We are right at the two month mark since we started this new lifestyle and really feeling the effects of a relaxed and easier pace life. Living in an RV and working without the wardrobe hassles and driving stress is priceless, our days are now filled with new challenges like taking the golf cart to run trash to the dumpster or waiting for a washing machine to open up, but we are still not going to complain. With the extra time on our hands we have managed to do some useful upgrades and support my Amazon shopping habit: First we installed new floors, then purchased a love-seat recliner-while ditching our uncomfortable sleeper sofa and now waiting on a set of blinds to come in. Finally our next big focus will be to pick up a vehicle to Dinghy tow. (So far, the Jeep Patriot is leading the pack, still researching)

Veronica and I had an opportunity to walk to the 3rd annual Key Largo Brew on the Bay, a pleasant find and we really enjoyed our day in the sun and further affirmed that Bell’s is the best brewery still. We sampled about 40 different breweries and found some pleasant surprises like the chocolate blend from shock top, to the Wynwood IPA, and the iced tea beverage that drew a crowd and sampled out. But after making our rounds nothing had the craftsmanship and taste like Bell’s. Maybe I am a little biased as I remember the days of Brett Reed taking me to his local brewery in Kalamazoo (WMU) back in 1993 when I was first introduced to Sol Sun, which remains as one of my favorite beers today even if they call it Oberon now. But honestly, they simply craft a great tasting line up and their new beer the just rolled the beginning of 2014 “Smitten” was of equal caliber, a golden sale that was light and full of flavor. We ended our tasting enjoying with a full glass of it. If you get the opportunity I highly recommend giving smitten a taste, well worth it.


  1. Hey guys…It was nice meeting last week in Key Largo. Glad you guys are enjoying the good life. We are in Savanah, Ga….Last night here, heading home to Hershey Pa. In the morning. 4 – 6 inches of snow. ..ugh….we’ll keep up to date with you guys on here…take care….
    David & Will

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      Hey Dave & Will! Nice to see you on here and meeting you guys as well, it was too short! We will be in Savannah in a month, hopefully it wont be snowing then 🙂 Take care! and thanks again for reaching out!

  2. We are thinking of leaving the traditional workforce early for the road too.. We are 51 years old and have a base retirement per month of about $1700., realistically will that suffice and are temporary jobs for rver’s easy to find? If I could figure out a way to work from the computer as we travel that would be awesome..any suggestions that really work? Thanks,..

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      hi Teresa! I apologize for the delay… we have been lucky to keep our day jobs and take them on the road.. although I know many people out there have found a way to make it work, either workcamping or finding remote jobs, so I can’t tell you I’m the best source for this information yet.. but good luck! I believe anything is possible with a little planning and dedication 🙂

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