Thor Outlaw Q&A

Here are some of the emails and FB messages we’ve received throughout the year about the Thor Outlaw. We wanted to put them together so we can easily point to where the Q&A is and help others as well. It’s also nice to go back and read these later on.


From: George (Chip) Mauro 
Subject: Thor

Message Body:
Your Outlaw floor plan is terrific! Looks like it lives very well. I am so smitten with the Thor Super C; 33SW or the 35SB. The floor plan and amenities in those are better than ALL the others on the Ford 550 Chassis. My concern is all the bad reviews I read about Thor products. Some real horror stories with very little support from the manufacturer. Yet they continue to sell year after year! You guys seem to have a carefree experience with your Thor, right? What would you say, most are OK or most are with problems? I don’t want to have those headaches on the road. Thanks, George
  1. John W Dunn III says:

    I have a 2015 Thor 35SG on the Ford F550 frame with the power stroke diesel engine. I have 12,500 miles on it. We cook competition BBQ and use it on average every other weekend. I love the Ford F550 frame and the diesel engine. It drives great and has plenty of power even in Colorado crossing 10,000′ plus passes pulling a 6500 lb trailer. However the rest of the coach has a lot to be desired. We only had a short while and had to return it to the dealer for major warranty work. They had it 4 months! And they didn’t fix everything. There have been a lot of little things and several major things. We have yet to have an outing without something going wrong. The most serious thing I have wrong now is the nose piece on the top of the cab separating from the cab. The gap is wide enough for hot air, rain and bugs to come into the cab while traveling. This is the second time for this failure! When it was in the shop the first time they supposedly made a permanent repair. It didn’t last 8 months. It is now out of warranty. Has anyone else had this problem? If yes how can it be repaired?

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