The video tour of our home on wheels!

  1. Really happy to find your website and your video of the Outlaw 37MD. My husband and I are wanting the same life as you guys and in the same RV! So, I was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions. When you got the Outlaw, did you have the two back fold up couches in the garage? It looks like in the video you removed them. Can they be removed and stored, or are they in there for good if you opt to have them. I was thinking a blow up bed would be much lighter and more practical for that area should the need arise for additional sleeping space. We have two Honda Rukus (Rucki plural??) and will probably need the garage space more so than the couches. We LOVE the party deck. Is that back rail movable so you can maybe use a set of steps up to the back of the deck and swing the railing open to enter? One more question… we have a cat too, but I’m afraid he will run outside and get scared when we are in a new place. How did your kitties adapt. Thanks so much and happy RV’ing. (Crossing fingers I can work from “home” too…)

    • Hi Sue! Thank you for reaching out! We do love our Outlaw and by the sounds of it you will too!
      To answer some of the questions… my husband Denny can maybe chime in with the more technical things.. but we did have the couches in the garage and chose to remove them and store them so Denny could have his office setup.
      As for the Honda Ruckus, those are pretty cool, I haven’t seen one before… cool! We have space to take our golf cart and a motorcycle, so you should be good there. The party deck is definitely a plus, Denny loves the open space while working : ) and yes the rail in the back opens up so you could have steps.. good idea!
      As for the cats go.. ours were outdoor / indoor cats from the beginning so I think it was easier for them to adjust.. I took them out with a leash at first so they would know it was somewhere different and what the surroundings where… but once they felt brave enough to go explore we let them out and keep an eye on them.. now they knock to get back in almost hehe.. and it helps that everyone else here is cool with them roaming around. I wish you both luck with starting your adventures and new lifestyle! : )

      Veronica and Denny

      • Hi Veronica! Thank you so much for your quick and detailed response. You answered all my questions. Now, to find our 2014 Liquid Asset, Olympic Cherry, and Chili Pepper Outlaw 37MD. They had one in Texas, but somebody beat me to it. Great idea for the cats to be on a leash, that is if I can find one big enough for our (rescued) Maine Coon. He’s just a baby (7 months) and already weighs 15 pounds! He’s my puppy-cat… Happy camping (and working) to you and Denny. Maybe one day our paths will cross. In the meantime, I’ll be lerking around your website… hehe

        • says:

          No problem at all.. glad we can help : )
          That’s almost the setup we picked as well.. and we purchased ours from Tom Johnson in Marion, NC. If you happen to be around those areas I recommend them, as we were able to spend the night a practice a bit before taking off, and Duncan (our sales rep) was very helpful as well.

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