The people make a place…

Since Denny is busy watching “Office Space” and also entertaining our first visitor (his dad), I thought I’d take this opportunity to write my own post. I hope I don’t disappoint too much or I’ll be demoted and go back to just adding nice photos.

So it’s been a little over a month now and I can say we’ve settled into a nice routine. It starts early on Mondays when we get up at 6am to go to Crossfit on the motorcycle and then rush back to log in and be ready for work hours. I have to say it hasn’t taken me too long to get used to this new work life, it’s everything I dreamed of, just happy to still be given the opportunity to work full time and make our dreams happen just makes me want to work harder and make sure this goes on without a glitch.
Meanwhile I’m making our beloved key west “Baby’s coffee”, Denny usually opens the back of the outlaw and shows off his “awesome” open air office to the neighbors and the random passerby. (And if you detect a hint of sarcasm it’s because I got stuck working in the passenger area in the front, still…not complaining) and that’s how Denny gets to meet all of our neighbors in less than a week. After the work hours are over if the weather permits we grab our beach chairs and head out to The Caribbean club, it’s a local watering hole with some cool Key Largo history behind it where they show classic movies on Mondays right on the dock, not a bad way to end the night.

Then on Tuesdays we relax, usually hit the fresh fruit and veggie market during lunch and stock up for another week. Then maybe take a golf cart ride and take out the trash or do the laundry, it’s not that we don’t want to walk or are lazy, is just that we really want to take the golf cart for a spin and there’s limited places to legally drive it around this particular campground. We also usually cook at home, and by “we” I mean Denny, I’m the sous chef and cleaner upper, he cooks to fast and too good for me to even try.
Then after work hours we will head over to our neighbors “Greig and Margie’s” place (which happen to have the best outdoors dining and bar area…) with a drink in hand to relax, mingle and end the day right.

Wednesdays are pretty much like Mondays, we do Crossfit in the morning then walk around like zombies all beat up during the day, but it’s worth it, I think… Until Denny tweaks his back and we are brought back to reality for a moment, then he gets better and we start all over again. I don’t know who’s more stubborn yet, but I’ll take some of the blame.

Thursdays are relaxing again, sometimes too much fun, since these retirees happen to have it perfected and sometimes I think we can’t hang. If you’re looking for fun there’s an event or get together in this campground every night.

On Fridays we go to Crossfit for some more torture to try to end the week right, or maybe start the weekend off without any guilt trips on what were about to drink or eat, at least we do it for a good reason.

But now to get back to my main point here… We’ve grown to like Kings Kamp a lot and feel really comfortable and happy with our experience and surroundings so far and I think a lot of it has to do with the people. The people you meet make or break your everyday moments and experiences, everyone here has been so nice and welcoming from day one. You can’t help but feel like part of a small community. Our closest neighbors (Greig & Margie) are super nice and have invited us for a memorable boat weekend with their really cool daughter and soon to be son in law, (Gena and Isac) and also hosted a fish fry pot luck with the neighbors that I still think about how yummy it was.
Everyone is super friendly here but if you were just pulling into kings Kamp the first couple to greet you would be Lenny and Cathleen, they have a Winnebago parked permanently right in the middle of the action, and will greet the newbies and instantly make you feel at home. My first introduction to Cathleen was on my birthday when she offered me to try one of her rum cherries, good and dangerous stuff. Another memorable couple I should mention would be Stan and Gosia, a cute polish couple well into their 50’s but I’d still say they’re living it up like they’re in their 20’s. They were only here for a maybe 2-3 weeks but Stan was able to get his Scuba certification and Gosia managed to keep him safe. We had some nice conversations and when it comes down to it that’s what this whole experience is about. The exploring and connecting with other like minded souls….

  1. Hi Veronica and Denny !!!
    We miss you and the Keys, it was a pleasure to meet you and have a interesting conversations about life.
    You are very nice couple, inspirational dreamers, funny and good writers. Veronica your pictures are great, the feet on the deck are #1, I feel like I’m there.
    Have a great time and enjoy your life.

    • says:

      Gosia! we did have very nice conversations! Im sorry I misspelled your name! Im horrible at guessing 🙂 and thank you very much for all the nice compliments! We do wish you both the best! and may we run into each other again! Cheers!


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