The Evolution of a Traveler

As we approach our 3rd year living on the road I think about our experiences and places we’ve traveled to that stick out in our minds, but most importantly how we’ve been changing inside and how subtle the change is as it’s happening…

We’ve gone from having a “bucket list” of places and timelines to altering our routes to visit recommended places, or just going with the weather. We’ve become a lot more relaxed when it comes to pre-planning, now we pick a general direction going with the season and sometimes reroute depending on family / friends / work events and just go. 

So we’re not as fast moving or green as the more savvy travelers but we’re learning as we go.. And I think that getting to share the road, experiences and remote playgrounds like some of the other inspiring travelers out there will help lead the way and also learn from.

As the Socratic paradox says: “I know that I know nothing” is what I base this traveler evolution on.. and it’s so true… the more we go, the more we see, the more experiences we share with others… The more humbled you are by others who have taken on their own journey before you. Because now adventures, having seen amazing places and courage are the new sexy, where miles replace time and kind eyes are your new friends. The perspective of what is important at the end changes your values. Stuff is just stuff.. and even though we’re still somewhat attached to comfort and our daily work routines, we just look ahead to the new roads and evolving. 

That question “where do you see yourself in 10 years” it’s getting harder and harder to answer, and I find that’s ok. As long as I have Denny by my side and memories to last lifetimes… Home is where our passion is… 

The new measuring stick is for how dirty your hiking boots are, how many close calls you’ve survived together, how many times you’ve laughed because you’re starting to get places and dates confused, counting how many times the cats had “close calls” and how many places are added to “gotta go back one day” list. 

To many more adventures and see you down the road!

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  1. Sharon Rasmussen says:

    Great read, Veronica and I love the new measuring stick! I hope our travels brings us all together again soon on this crazy road of adventure.

  2. Michelle told me about the cat close calls stories last night and how funny you were describing them. I’m sad I missed hearing them! Love you guys so much. Veronica, Denny is a very lucky man (kid).

    • says:

      Thank you Peter! We love you guys too! we can share more stories another day 🙂
      And I guess that’s what makes us work.. we’re both very lucky (kids) 😉

  3. Larry Briar says:

    Awesome sounds like you are having a blast. Maybe one day when all of my kids are out of the house Jen and I can travel all her too.

    • says:

      and I wish the same for you and your family for sure!!!

  4. I can add “how much sand is in the tow vehicle” to your list of measures. (The more dirt and sand in the mats, the more fishing Chris has been able to do!) In our first 6 months, we moved often (every week) because we had some place we had to be at a certain date. Now, we’ve slowed down, planned less, and have been much happier for it. We plan to keep that up for our 2nd year. Have a wonderful 3rd year! Glad to have you all just ahead of us out there. 🙂

    • says:

      I can’t believe it took me this long to read the site’s messages.. ha.. I’m so happy that you guys are slowing down and still at it.. I hope to run into you both as well soon!

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