The beginnings – Fulltiming/working experience in Key Largo, FL

Break time... #nofilter


It was the beginning to our full-timing and work remotely experience, and we chose the best place we could think of before heading into the winter season. So,,,Key Largo, Florida!

At first we took the time to get acquainted with our surroundings, Kings Kamp, and our nearest Fresh Fruit Veggie Stand and Taco truck!

We were also missing our workout routine and Gi Gym crew, so we decided to give Key Largo cross-fit a try, and after attending 6am classes for almost 2 months, we realized that what we really wanted to do was to stay healthy and just learn to relax.  Getting out of the rat race is not easy, and to train yourself to start enjoying and living, believe or not.. it takes some time. It came down to this.. we just missed our workout friends and trying to re create what we had was not going to be easy… and Denny pulling his back out and me straining some muscles was not going to bring it back. It was just the wrong time and not in the cards for us at this time, regardless Key Largo Crossfit rocks! everyone in there was super friendly and the coaches were super tough, knowledgeable and dedicated, they immediately took us in… we slacked a bit.. but we had our reasons.

But what we did learn and enjoy in our three months in Key Largo, was that the sunsets never get old and that you can build great new friendships in just a couple happy hours. Also that we were able to work and be very productive during work hours, detach for lunch to pick up more veggies and fruits for the week (in the motorcycle, since we still did not have our jeep) and then be able to enjoy a sunset followed a good movie, we had a pretty perfect routine… so we decided to come back again next year and do it again!



Here are some of the restaurants / bars /and events we’ve enjoyed while our stay in Key Largo. From top left to bottom in the photo gallery above:

1)  Hidden Out Restaurant  (good decent priced breakfast place, the boatel in front was fun to check out)

2) Key Largo Fisheries ( This is where we bought our fresh caught fish, the grouper was awesome, so were the crab cakes..)

3) Movie Nights (brought to you by Movie Dave)  @ The Caribbean Club  (and old bar with some good Key Largo history)

4) Key Largo Brew on the Bay  – Nothing beats walking to a beer festival near you!

5) Shipwreck’s Bar & Grill – Dive bar feel, easy and chill by the water and the food doesn’t disappoint.

6) Bayside Grille –  Loved the seared Tuna Salad here!

7)  Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill –  The biggest Tiki Bar I ever seen, live music, a good magic show weekly and really good pizza.

8) If you’re looking for where the locals hang out or just want to shoot some pool you should check out Cactus Jacks’

9) And then the two most fun places / can take a boat ride to are Gilbert’s (on sunday’s) and Alabama Jack’s (for coch chowder and mahi mahi sandwich) and both accessible by land as well 🙂

We also went to many others that were not pictured here, but we really enjoyed as well… like Fish House Restaurant & Seafood Market (we went here for my birthday dinner),  Mrs. Mac’s KitchenKey Largo Conch HouseSharkey’s Pub & Galley Restaurant (another local bar hangout and burger specials), The Juice House (if you’re looking for no ambiance but a quick bite to eat along with a fresh juice), Sundowners (we had drinks and watched the boat show from here, with a nice view),  The Pilot House Marina & Restaurant became one of our favorites and returned with our families as well, and the last but not least our favorite local spot to get a fish sandwich or a real cuban sandwich along with a cortadito (cuban espresso with lots of sugar) The Marlin Restaurant, we highly recommend, this is where we purchased our local art and Key Largo souvenir from as well.


“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”    – Matsuo Basho