Thanksgiving in Savannah, heading south on our new adventure!

November 28th 2013, and the beginning of a new journey. It was the beginning of a new phase in our lives and we had many things to be thankful for..

We stopped in Savannah and celebrated Thanksgiving in one of the few places that were still open, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub. The stew was our favorite but the best part was the live music and great performance by Harry O’Donoghue that resonated with our moment. He performed and shared stories of his moving from Ireland and also made sure to include the audience as well. He asked where some of us where from.. and I quickly answered “Argentina” 🙂 I thought it would add more flavor at the time. We supported by buying one of his CDs and shared our new venture with him, we all wished each other luck and went on our ways.


“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”  –  Danny Kaye