2 years ago today we bought an RV and embarked on a new adventure. And what a life changing one it has been! It began with a crazy idea and a dream on my part, then ridiculous planning on Denny’s, but we were able to put our strengths, love for each other, dreams together to allow this amazing ride to happen.. Our first year included set planned routes and places that were on a list to visit. We learned quickly that the weather was a big part of our experience. So we started to tweak a little.. this forced us to change routes and run into nice surprises and unplanned places. We were so lucky to have our families and friends visit us from back home (wherever that might be, Michigan or NC) we’ve had so many quality moments and shared new adventures, lasting memories with them. After a year we started to meet other travelers like us, shared stories, learned from and planned along with. The adventure started taking new life of its own… Still setting destinations that we needed to see but now it was planned around the weather and good info from new friends with similar interests in mind. Now we’re seeing the shift go into off roading, small towns and more dirt roads, it’s taking a new path of its own..(pun intended) Overall we have been more than lucky. I give Denny all the credit for planning ahead on RV maintenance and everything else for that matter. I really don’t know what I would do without him, this adventure would have never happened for sure. Living, working, adventuring together in under 400 sq ft 24/7. We have learned that we are able to do anything together as long as we set our goals, plan and work hard to keep our routine and balance. Our love grew stronger and our hunger for adventure grows every day! To many more memories, new friends and new roads