Storage unit booked: Key Dates

The behind the scenes prep still blows my mind!
So many little things need to be set and booked to make this new journey possible.
Besides having my final dentist appointment before we leave, below is just a small list of timeline prep work for this month. Been planning for 6 months btw.
So far everything is going accordingly.
Upcoming dates:
11/01 = Golf cart arrived
11/02 = Key Largo booked (3 months)
11/04 = Storage unit booked
11/04 = Finalize new tenant Lease
11/06 = Frank flies in from FL to take over X3 lease
11/09 = Final moving sale
11/16 = Pick up RV in Marion, NC
11/23 = New renters move stuff into Townhouse, get keys.
11/28 = Thanksgiving, last night in Raleigh. 🙁
11/29 = Hitting the road, fingers crossed
12/01 = Veronica’s Birthday, first night in Key Largo.