Short and sweet experience in Marfa, TX

Looks like we are trying to turn over a new leaf.   Two posts for the same place especially when we don’t post regularly and are also still catching up on old posts.    I guess this place inspires us, something about about the simplicity of Marfa.  The town moves at a slower pace but packed with a sense of community and compassion for others, even the police car waved at me while we passed by with our Kayak on top of the hood.   Also our RV park experience is probably the closest we’ve been to being remote as we have the whole place to ourselves besides the camp host and a random air-stream.

Our cats are also loving it too, open door policy all day long never felt so good and both roam freely with the occasional check in for water and food, plus the rumbling of the train keeps them checking back in for safety.  They play all day long and seem very happy with this stop.

As our stay here is coming to a close, I wanted to share some of the sights and moments we’ve experienced.

Our stay in Tumble In Rv Park  (The Office, where you check yourself in and just drop the envelope with payment in a box)

IMG_5882 IMG_5881 IMG_5880

We could enjoy both sunsets and sunrises… and moon rises 🙂

IMG_5879 IMG_5878

Our spot for the week :) #marfa I think we're gonna get along

Taking a drive to see the Prada Store was interesting… There’s nothing and no one around…

IMG_5861 IMG_5868 IMG_5870

Some more of the art flavor and modern installations around town…

IMG_5872 IMG_5875

In the end a great week stay in Marfa, Texas.  Something very relaxing about this place and we could easily spent some more time here, but off to Santa Fe on Saturday for a month and really looking forward to new trails and seeing new sites!!  Cheers and safe travels!

  1. We were in that area not too long ago. We spent about 10 days all through the Ft. Davis and Big Bend areas. We stayed at the Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine. Looks like you guys had a great time. Did you get to see the Marfa lights?

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