Thor Outlaw 37MD Upgrades and Modifications “Touches of Home”


Here are the latest upgrades to our home on wheels… starting to feel more like home 🙂


Cherry wood Customized table top

Designed by Veronica and product customization done by TheCuttingBoardShop.



Bamboo Blinds

Our biggest dislike with the RV was the cheaper stock accordion type shade that came with the unit.  We quickly changed them out for some Bamboo blinds that we really like.  A little mix up in the color but maybe we will replace again down the road.  Bamboo Blinds from Amazon



Vinyl Wood Flooring = allure flooring 

The stock floor was another high priority replacement job.  The first photo below is the stock photo from Thor to illustrate the before pic.  The following 2 after that is after our DYI Allure job.  Very happy with the results, the low weight impact (about 300 lbs) and the warm look at feel it gives.

Best Toy Hauler Motorhomes / Class A RV Motorhomes w/ Garage / Toterhomes


Dual Recliner 

Loving movie nights now!   Order one here!

We later replaced the stock sofa bed as it wasn’t a very comfortable couch and when used as a bed it was super tight to move around the coach.  We decided that we needed something that would work best for us and so happy about this investment.  Movie nights are truly enjoyable now.

Here is a stock photo pic of the couch followed by our Dual Recliner. 🙂




and so are the cats…



Carpeted “almost” outdoor office
securedownload (1)



Oxygenated  Shower Head     Amazon has a whole bunch


And mini bar in the garage..


Decided to close off the one entry door and place a Kitchen cart while parked. We love the extra room and it keeps the floors clean by using the back door only.  World Market!



We also added rope lighting to the tops of the kitchen and movie room to give it more ambiance  Lowe’s Rope Lighting


  1. Woo Hoo! The table top is AWESOME! You guys have done a great job on the modifications. Tell me, was the sleeper sofa in the TV room that uncomfortable? Those recliners look amazing and I love putting my feet up too, so was just thinking of having a couple of padded storage cubes to prop my feet up… but now… ??? Love your flooring too – everything is lovely and can’t wait to get our Outlaw (first week of April) so I can start the upgrades too. Oh, and I have another couple of questions for you. Is there storage under the U-Shape dinette? I haven’t seen any pics anywhere of them “open”. And, is it a real pain to close the patio up every night? Keep the pics coming – I get so excited every time yall post something. Loved Denny’s info for the “working from home” hook ups. Well, I better get back to work – thanks in advance for putting up with more of my questions. Woo Hoo!!

    • says:

      I’m glad you like it Sue! 😀 The sleeper sofa was more functional as an extra bed, and we needed “extra” comfortable for movie nights, we noticed we were not using that room much ourselves. Also, there is extra storage under the dinette and when it comes to the putting the patio away every night, I’ll leave it to Denny to answer that one, since it’s part of his office setup daily routine 🙂
      Oh and Congrats AGAIN!

    • says:

      It’s super fun! I’m loving my little home more and more 😀

  2. Hi Sue, just getting free time to respond to your post. Main question about the patio, Thor made it real easy to setup and take down fairly quickly, less than a minute if you really wanted to. Pretty simple and straight forward, four pins that hold the sides, along with 4 snaps to the wall of Rv and that pretty much it. The back door looks heavy but is on tension wire, so only one person is needed.

    Peter, the shower head is like any upgrade, get one for house and you will know. :). It adds value to your life.

    • Thanks for the info on the patio. One month to go before we are fellow Outlawers!! Keep up the good work with this website!

  3. Your mods look great! We really considered getting a 5th wheel with a patio for an office setup. Cool to see it in action!

    • says:

      We did too but with the cats we needed a class A, so the outlaw was the best of both worlds 🙂 and thank you!

  4. Hello! I just too delivery of my 2014 Outlaw. I love everything about it except the flooring. i even tried to have it changed when I ordered from the manufacturer but it was not an option to change it. Your new flooring looks great! When you upgraded yours to vinyl wood flooring did you lay it over the existing tile flooring or were you able to take up the flooring to replace it? If you were not able to pull up the old tile did placing flooring on top of it add any noticeable weight to your RV (e.g. lower gas mileage, less speed, increased road noise, etc.)?

    Thanks for the advice!

    • says:

      Hi John, the upgrade was a 1000 percent worth it! It was over all an additional 300 lbs, we laid it on top of the existing floor. It actually absorbs some of the sound. We used electrical shears and the only portion we didn’t do was the second slide out since we replaced the couch as well. It took about two days to do it right but well worth the handy work 🙂 good luck and let us know if we can answer any other questions!

      • Thanks much for the info.! I’m pretty certain I’ll be doing the same upgrade.


  5. Hi,

    My Fiance’ and I are thinking about giving up the home life and becoming fellow gypses. After much review, we think the way you have your 37MD setup is the most efficient way to live on the road. We found a used 2014 for 109K with only 3k miles. We are super excited, we will make an offer soon on it. Thank you for your videos and website. They were a real help and inspiration.


    James and Christy

    • Denny Winkowski says:

      Hi James and Christy,

      Feel free to ask any questions along the way, we are all learning and figuring this out together.
      We did our research for months and very happy with this unit and I still enjoy the reactions to fellow campers when see the set up. It works for us and our current lifestyle and really do not have any complaints. We plan on doing an updated video so come back and check us out…. Also give us an update when you get yours, We also have a face book page for Thor Outlaw owners as well.

      Hope to see you on the road soon!

      • Awesome!

        That’s so great to hear. We are looking at both models. LS and MD. We are leaning towards the MD, cause we love to cuddle and watch movies. 🙂

        I’ll keep you posted. Please make more videos about what it’s like to love full time on an RV. We are so excited.

        Cheers and safe travels.

        James and Christy

  6. Glad to see you guys can make it work on the road, I tried the working from home option in 2005 and was told it was for Corporate employees only, not engineering. I then quit and worked from home as a contractor for three years until my department got outsourced to India.

    We then sold our house to go full-time RVing, but have been struggling with a decent office area to work in. We have tried a bumper pull trailer, two 5W’s and our Lance 1181 Truck camper, but as full-timers it has to be a balance. We have been drawn to a motorhome, however few have decent office space I need for a home office. The Thor bedroom space (37LS/37MD) hasn’t impressed us enough to know the bedroom will work with our old motorcycle injuries from 32 years ago, LOL.

    Our Lance 1181 has been great for travel to far off remote places, but office space doesn’t hardly exist, LOL. So now we are considering a custom 5W or a MH, but we don’t know yet whether a toy hauler or custom office is right for us. One thing we like to do is to see every floor plan we can so that we learn what everyone else is doing.

    Glad to see you guys like the tech/Geek toys too. Sheila and I have done some unusual things to get cell service. Last summer I erected a 35′ tall cell antenna with a 3G amp to get cell/Internet service at our Colorado forest service campground (at least every other day) where we camp hosted, we were very remote!!! I forgot to mention we were 100% on solar power, so a good inverter was a must to run some of our hi-tech toys that weren’t DC operated!

    Thanks for the inspiration,


    • Denny Winkowski says:

      Glad to help David, I need to learn more about my inverter and solar options. Our focus so far has been staying at campgrounds that offer wi-fi, but I think we could do more off grid working and living with some more enhancements… Solar will be a project we tackle soon enough..

      • 250-300 watts of solar works great for 2 RV batteries and gave us about 1.2 KWh per day for computers, dish network rcvr and portable Wingard satellite antenna. Our fridge of course was running on propane all last summer and because we were camp hosting @ 9,200′ we didn’t need air conditioning. We discharged our batteries the heaviest in early June and Mid-September when we were also running the propane furnace as the blower takes a bit of power when running every hour for about 15-20 minutes at a time. We put only about 45 hours of generator time on our Onan 2500 for the summer, which only could put out 1700 watts at that altitude. We would have had more hours on the generator if we had had a washing machine since it was a little over 20 miles one way to the nearest laundermat, but we had a rare pressurized water hookup with a good clean water system paid for by the Colorado Lottery. When you get to retirement age I know you will enjoy camp hosting. We would do it more, but in order to run our on-line business we have to investigate some commercial satellite options that allow voip options so I can do my customer service in areas with no cell coverage (consumer satellite internet has no voip options).

        When you are ready to do some solar system estimating I can help you with size estimating so you can work up a good budget for solar and charge controller, etc.


        • Hi Dave,

          Which commercial satellite options (that allow VoIP) did you investigate?


  7. Jeff Z says:

    Just found your blog after discovering and searching for info on Thor Outlaws. Very happy to find this, as my wife and I will consider one of these.

    Curious why you found it necessary to replace the floor after such a short time…was there a problem, you just didn’t like the looks of the tile, or what?

    I’m very interested to learn what kinds of problems your coach might have developed now that you’ve been full-timing for quite a while!

    • Monica says:

      I’m also interested in Jeff Z’s questions. Additionally, I saw a photo of your desktop setup in the passenger cockpit, how is that working, was it a DIY, etc.? I’m a photographer and need good setup for photo editing and a studio.

      • says:

        Hi Monica! It was a total DIY project and such a lifesaver! 🙂

  8. Nice meeting you, Mango and Callie today at Raleigh State Fairgrounds. I believe the first modification to our new Allegro will be swapping out the couch for a dual reclining love seat like you guys did.

    I love all the little “homey” touches you’ve done, like the flooring and rope lights. Since no RV perfectly suits everyone’s personal tastes, you need to “make it your own.” Especially when full-timing.

    Enjoy the ride.,..

    • says:

      Nice meeting you as well and I’m glad to have inspired a little more “personalized” touches at home! 🙂

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