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Staying connected is a vital for us as both of our corporate jobs depends on a being connected and for me the tricky part was being connected with a VOIP ShorTel phone. We do have a solution that is effectively working, so hopefully it will help in your research.

First a run down of the equipment:

1. Verizon 4G LTE Router with Voice (Allows VOIP possible with CAT5e)
2. SureCall 4G LTE Signal Booster + Wilson Directional Antenna for Verizon router.
3. Sabrent USB wireless adapter. (used when you take your laptop to the beach or something)
4. WifiRanger Go2
5. WifiRanger Mobile
6. Goal Zero Panel & Escape

I think for the novice person starting out and looking for a better wifi option, I would first consider the WifiRanger solution, it really does open up your receiving signal and if a campground is offering any type of free wifi, you will have a pretty good chance getting that signal. If you need to work out of your RV, you really should consider having a back up or your own type of Internet coverage. All of our research has led us to the Verizon 4G router, using Verizon’s service and network. Also check out Millenicom for cheaper packages but they do cap out at 20GB per month.

So far, our rule of thumb has been to select only camping areas that meet the following Criteria:
1.) Offer some sort of free campground Wifi
2.) Be close enough to a Verizon tower (M-F) Download: “Coverage” app on your smartphone.

Helpful links of from people who do this RV thing well: (and with technology)
1.) Technomadia
2.) Gone with the Wynn’s

WifiRanger mobile ziptide to our crank up antenna

Zoomed in shot of installed WifiRanger. (Very happy with product and results)

Packaged cable was long enough to snake on top of RV and come through the garage vent. In the process of getting some suction cup clips to secure cable close to RV.

Close up of hole we drilled in the air vent, it seems like the best approach since our internet hub is right there and we didn’t want to drill into the roof.

Useful Apps we use on our iPhones.

Hope this helps you a little along the way, but be patient and find the best solution for your application.
Cheers and happy trails on the road.

  1. Good information! We have been researching our wifi options and are leaning towards the Millenicom and maybe a Ranger but we aren’t sure if we need the Ranger. We will probably wait and see add components as needed.

    • Jim and Barb,

      For us the Milinecom Mifi is working out great and x2 the bandwidth of our original verizon MiFI at same price. We use wifi Ranger on a painters pole attached to rear ladder. Handy for getting over the top of RV(s) to enhance line of sight at camps or other places with free wifi.
      Even parked in a lot for lunch. Bottom line is if your ok with 20gb monthly of 4g Lte device then you may not need ranger but we do. Consider the laird antenna for the millenicom device.

  2. 1.) What is a “garage vent”? I have not heard of that term before.
    2.) Do you put up the antenna wire at each stop?

    • Hello John,

      Thanks for the questions, feel free to ask away and I will do my best to answer them.

      1.) In our Class A tow hauler we have a vents in the garage area to allow gas fumes to escape. We decided to run our cable for the wifi ranger threw there instead of drilling into our roof or going through some other duct. (The pictures try to illustrate it)
      2.) we have our wifi ranger attached to our TV antenna, so we crank up and down as needed. We usually have it up when parked, but while driving or bad when we crank down the antenna.

      Happy Trails

      • Thanks for the explanation. I did not know there is an area in a Class A called the garage area.

        Yes, the pictures do a good job showing how the wire comes down from the TV antenna. What I was wondering is whether you drive down the highway with the wire still connected to the roof antenna and down through the garage vent. The wire looks like it would be flopping constantly with the wind as you drive down the highways.

        • Denny Winkowski says:

          Hi John,

          the wire stays pretty secure as it is snaked around the AC vents on the roof and just pulled taut inside in the garage. I haven’t see or noticed much flopping of the cable. However if you wanted a more secure solution I am sure you could anchor it down better, I even thought getting some suction cup holders or using even some of those 3M sticker things to secure it more. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi Denny…I see the motorycle on the home page. What kind bike do you ride and how often? Once you park the RV, is the motorcycle your mode of transportation for getting around. All the best and safe travels.


    • Denny Winkowski says:

      We started with a Suzuki Boulevard 800, but Veronica wanted her own and I didn’t want her on the road so much, so we sold it and now we both have Yamaha TW200 and stay in the dirt as much as possible.

  4. Mike Barnhouse says:

    Since it is March 2016, is your equipment listed above still accurate. I have a new camper and need to set up from scratch.

    • says:

      Hi Mike, after 2 years + is still all accurate, but we came to rely more on the Verizon network since campground wifi’s are not so reliable, and the booster saved us at least twice!

  5. Natalie says:

    We just bought our first RV (a TT). We plan on being full timers while my husband keeps his job as an IT/Sales/Web developer five days a week. I am very skeptical if he will be able to maintain connect-ability while full timing. We don’t have Verizon currently and I’m very concerned that staying connected will blow our budget to where full timing or RV life just isn’t realistic. (a little late now that we bought the RV, I know)
    Any advice or those who AREN”T grandfathered into any cellular plans?

  6. Great Article, Thank you for the info. We have a slightly different need as we aren’t Rving full time and currently live in Canada. We are however starting to snowbird a little such as 2 months Nov,Dec. So we only need Internet for those 2 months but we do need a lot of it! We stream heavily from Netflix and other sources and since we have no Satellite we rely on the internet for our entertainment.
    I haven’t been able to find anything that is unlimited in the U.S. Can anyone help us out here or point us in the right direction? Thank you

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