Marfa Texas, a ride on Pinto Canyon road.

While on our first drive through Marfa we found a couple good spots to check out (aka bars) like Padres and Lost Horse.  Padres had a really cool vibe and the bartender (Kate) was really nice and full of good info! We told her about our RV’ing nomad lifestyle and she recommended ride through Pinto Canyon road with the TW200’s.   So we had a plan for our Sunday morning!  It started with a chill in the air, but the forecast was to be a perfect day unlike the rain we had seen the past month while in Austin.   So we geared up, camel-back filled, extra gas just incase and our new camera to capture some of the ride.  It was a long day of riding and good 100 miles later very desolate with just you and the road (along with the random border patrol vehicle out there scoping us out)   Vast space.. skies.. breath taking….it truly added to the Marfa charm…

IMG_5843 IMG_5842 IMG_5841 IMG_5840 IMG_5857 IMG_5853 IMG_5845

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