Last day in South Haven (blueberry festival)

It is coming down to the hours before we have to leave to for our next stop. We spend the last five weeks in a tucked away port town off of Lake Michigan. It is crazy, how I lived only 3.5hrs away growing up in the suburbs of Detroit but never took advantage of the beauty just a short drive away.
Our weekends have been packed with visits from the family, to getting our Tennis routine back on, enjoying the beaches, and just strolling along the quaint downtown.
Today being our last day, the town decided to send us off in style with their annual blueberry festival. 😉
I’m excited as we are getting ready to start off the day by hitting up the blueberry pancake pavilion and then packing up and heading to our next destination which will be Lake George, NY after a short stop to get our home on wheels serviced in Indiana.
This has been one of our better stops and besides all of the beauty around us our relationship as a couple seems to have grown stronger in the process. Our daily responsibilities have synced up well and it just feels like we compliment each other on such a loving level. I am lucky to have found a life long partner and there is a magic that unfolds when you live like this. Til next time, look for the gems in places and your loved ones close by.
Safe Travels