Kayaking in Cedar Key (Atsena Otie key)

Last Sunday (March 15th 2015) was such a perfect day, the water was calm and the no see ums bugs were just coming out. We decided that it would be a great day to go explore “Atsena Otie Key” as it is only a 1/2 mile paddle out from the Cedar Key Marina. Atsena Otie is the original Cedar Key, which means “Cedar Island” in native Timucuan.

The island was so peaceful and so “untouched”, or “reclaimed by nature” as we like to call it. Our photos do it little justice, but just more of reason for us to come back to or for you to visit it yourself.  We walked through the historic cemetery and saw the remaining bricks of the old pencil Mill. ( I didn’t find too much history on it, but here is a great link of general info on Cedar Key from LowKey Hideway.  (A must stop IMO)

Back to our day now.  Just before heading back to the main island we decided to take a break and just sit there on the beach, almost took a nap too.  As the day morning ended we saw a dolphin chasing down a tourist boat, I think it was trying to show off a bit!

Such a peaceful retreat and just a reminder of why love this lifestyle, so many places to see and so many beautiful things to experience.