Happy New Year 2014 – Relaxation

I think I am starting to learn what it means to relax, (Key’d In) as one of my fellow campers’ put it. Life seems to find a way of slowing down when there isn’t much to do, but enjoy the beautiful surroundings and just chill out. I have always led a pretty structured packed life, full of self inflicting stress-whether from work, to working out, or planning the next event in my life, but in this short time on our new life journey, I am starting to change a lot of my perspectives on all of that.

So here I lay in bed at 9pm on a Saturday night and feel completely content that there is nothing I rather be doing than documenting this milestone change in my life. Our new routine now consists of winding down after the sun sets and waking up each morning before the sun rises and packing in a full day. My dad is town this weekend and we will make the two hour drive to Key West on Sunday for the day before starting our first full week back to work in 2014.

Safe travel to all and wishing the best in 2014.

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