Great travel mates are not created equal

So it’s my turn to post… Since it’s been quiet over on the captain’s side.
One thing I’ve learned over these past 5 months or so is that when things rapidly change around us, we remain the same and even gain more strength around the things that make us who we are together.

Meaning that in this time we’ve shared a tighter space, everything is more condensed, so we pay more attention. I personally enjoy seeing how we’ve evolved through these past 8 years. Everything we’ve been through is now flourishing and everything we’ve learned it’s put to the test.

So what have I learned?
That from the day I met Denny I knew he’d be the perfect adventure mate, since I’ve known him he has been more than ok with sacrificing space for more important things or for living in the moment type of situations.

That together we make such a great team, our strengths really do balance out even in the minor details.. Mine are different from his, but man.. He has too many to mention..

I’ve learned that when we both put our best foot forward we can go far and together we can be unstoppable. At least I can tell you my love for this man is…

I’m always looking ahead while standing right beside him.. All I want at the end is to be able to share wonderful stories together to whomever appreciates them and is inspired to go find their own path with all of their heart….

  1. I love you two! Yes you are missed very much. But it gives us the opportunity to have an adventure too! Thank you so much for coming into our lives. Josh and I will never be the same that’s for sure. This post personifies who you two are. Passionate in love and adventure. I’m looking forward to our next visit and seeing your smiling faces! Heck, I’m even looking forward to sharing your cozy quarters. That’s the best part!

    • says:

      Thank you Tamara! That’s so thoughtful and sweet but that’s the kind of friend you are!

  2. When Cindy and I used to travel fulltime, friends would always ask “Dont you fight a lot?”

    We’d simply say, “When you’re together 24/7 in spaces this confined, what do you possibly have to fight about?”

    You learn to live life very simplified and everything else is just non-sense! I have a LKH sticker for you at the Tiki Bar

    • says:

      Thanks Pat, we will stop by sometime this week for another happy hour pep talk and grab a sticker, much thanks and thanks for sharing about you and Cindy. We look forward to another round. Cheers!

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