Gettysburg and Hershey Kisses

Gettysburg was a beautiful and history rich town, I highly recommend and would go back to. ¬†We stayed in Drummer Boy Campground which was conveniently located and close to downtown, so we were able to easily take a motorcycle ride and better enjoy the sights. We recommend Drummer Boy Campground as well, it was huge and easy to get lost in, don’t want to say we did, but we did ūüôā ¬†Our spot was beautiful and had large rocks in a natural setting which Mango and Kali got to enjoy.

We experienced¬†dinner¬†in the historic 1776 “Dobbin House Tavern“, good food and great prices, but the best part was the ambiance of the tavern and colonial restaurant¬†feel… here’s an excerpt from the website: “Four Score and Seven years before the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, (1776), Reverend Alexander Dobbin built a house to begin a new life in America for himself and his family. Today his home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a colonial restaurant where candlelit elegance, superior food in abundance, and gracious service bring back the sights, sounds and tastes of two centuries ago.¬† It consistently wins Mobil Guide’s highest area rating. The friendly hospitality of the Dobbin House extends to the Springhouse Tavern, Gettystown Bed and Breakfast, Country Curiosity Store, Abigail Adams Ballroom, in-house bakery and secret “underground railroad” slave hideout.”

We also stopped at the Gettysburg Battlefield and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address location and took in the sights, I think it would be cool to experience a reenactment while in Gettysburg, ¬†history is palpable here.



Then we checked out the Hershey RV show, complimentary tickets from our RVer friends Will and Dave. They also gave us a tour of their¬†beautiful¬†“1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast” located in¬†Hershey, PA, which we recommend checking out if you happen to be in the area. We didn’t make it to the Hershey Chocolate World this time, but maybe it was a good thing.. we can’t just have one.