G.I Gym Bootcamp – See you later Aftermath


I woke up this morning with a my heart feeling a little bigger from all of the love and support that was shown to us from each and everyone of you last night.

Thanks to Fragment for hosting such a night and to Jamie for quarterbacking and making it happen with all of the G.I gym crew and friends.

Rare moments like last night have a way of making you really stop and smell the roses. So Today, I just wanted to reflect and say from the bottom of Veronica’s and my heart , you “All” left a huge impression on us, memories that will surely stand the test of time.
Friendships like this only get better with time, I’ve realized it is not so much the time you actually spend with a person, but it is how you spend that time when it is presented and pulling the quality out of it.

We plan on documenting our adventures and hope you will continue to show your support and follow us periodically on the site/FB etc.
Again, thank you all for showing the love to us! Imprinted and taking it with us on the road

  1. Ah! It was a great time! You both will be missed but I’m planning to live vicariously through you guys via this blog. I expect LOTS of pictures and posts!!!

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