Florida Keys in the Review Mirror, now Savannah, Raleigh, +

Time is starting to fly; I started writing this new post while in Savannah and two stops later here were are in Beaufort NC just finding the time to finish it up.

It seems like winter is holding on for a grand finale this week, so it’s a perfect time for me to reflect back on the beautiful start we had to our adventure and our 3 month stay in the Florida keys.

Looking back and now looking forward we have already made plans to head back again to Key Largo come next winter.  After all, it is like a second home and a great time to dodge the winter and regroup from a busy tour around the states, plus to  see a group of fellow RV’ers we have the privilege to call friends.

We really found Key Largo to have a much more appealing charm than we previously thought from the many times we would pass through on our way to Key West when we lived back in Miami. (2009)   We love Key West, even got married there, but Key Largo offers a unique quaint feel that gave us a real sense of home and something we could go back to you year after year and it isn’t crazy busy like Key West has become.  Plenty do and keep you occupied, from great happy hours, good eats and beautiful sunsets to watch.  Key Largo is also one of the best places in the world for Scuba Diving and Snorkling.  Plenty to do on and off the water!

As for RV Parks, there were three good size parks that we visited in the area with a 4th being built, so we will look forward to checking it out.  Also John Penny Camp State Park was there as well.   So if you don’t want to pay the high prices of Key West, Key Largo is a great !                                                                                                                                                              Kings Kamp   Key Largo Kampground  Point of View RV Park

Savannah was a tougher stop as the weather was just a little chilly and rainy, but we did get a lot done there; Celebrated St. Patty’s, Friends and Family came down and we bought a Jeep to pull behind the Outlaw. We did make the best out of it and really got a good feel for Savannah, more of a touristy kind of town, but if you are looking for a party place, then check out there St. Patrick Day festival, plus any city that allows open intoxicants is good place to be in. 🙂

Savannah Oaks  RV   (I wouldn’t recommend this campground, we booked late and two others close to downtown were already taken…  However, just an FYI, if you are just passing through you can stay at the Savannah Downtown Welcome Center

Raleigh is our home base, so we were super excited when Veronica found out they just renovated the State Fair Grounds with over a 300+ RV sites with full hookups and very close to the downtown area.  It worked out great as this was the closest we could find to our family and friends of Raleigh.    Raleigh State Fair Grounds

Now here we are in Beaufort NC and taking a nice month to  catch up and relax a little.  We had the nice surprise of Margie and Greig (Friends from Key Largo) on their back home to Strafford ON, they stayed for two nights and we were neighbors just like old times.  Further solidifying that going back to Key Largo for the winter is a step in the right direction.

Happy Trails.

  1. Hi guys! Glad you’re enjoying Beaufort. It was our home away from home for many years. Hope to be there some this Summer in our 2015 THOR OUTLAW “JESSE” – Yep, we’ve named her after Jesse James, the outlaw. We picked her up in Woodstock/Atlanta, GA, Friday afternoon. She’s BEE-U-Ti-FUL!! Now I know why you guys love yours so much. Now, for the 2015 differences – (you’re gonna hate this) They have added a THIRD awning over the party deck!!!! They also upgraded ALL the lights to LED and they added a row of LED lights to the two side awnings so no messing around with Christmas tree lights – HA HA HAAAA! There is also a new “rapid camp remote control” that you can use from 50 feet away to lower the levelers, extend the awnings, start the gennie, and I forget what else. Haven’t played too much with everything yet. Yesterday was my birthday, so HAPPY B-DAY TO ME!!! Just wanted to pop in and let you know we are officially fellow Outlaw’ers – and to make you jealous of the new awning and lights. Safe travels and I’m sure we’ll meet some day. I’ll send some pix when I get a chance.

  2. Denny Winkowski says:

    Hi Sue,
    Glad to here it is all official now!!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the differences as well glad to know, I can see the third awning being a nice addition, I know as I work in the garage depending on the sunset, my desk will get hot, I guess those are good problems to have…

    LED lighting not bad, we changed ours to LED but went back to the originals as they gave a warmer glow and we also strategically placed rope lighting above the cupboards and above the TV room in back to give some very nice ambient lighting. I will post some new photos of that soon. Rapid Camp Remote sounds fun… Speaking of remotes, we velcro’d the backs of them and placed them in the right spots… 🙂

    Happy belated Birthday, we went back to Backstreet Pub yesterday and looked for you! Cheers

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