First RV Drive

So we picked up the RV on Saturday and I had my first nerve racking experience, there really should be some special endorsement needed, like motorcycles do. Anyway, we get the keys and that’s pretty much it. “Just follow me” he says in his golf car as we go under our first low bridge encounter “13′ 8” the big yellow sign says mind you are new home on wheels is just shy of 13 feet. So we do the “oh shit” and make it with a hair to spare. Next we are backing the unit into our spot for night and I nailed it like a champ. Sweaty palms and jaw tighten the whole way.
The next day we made the three hour drive back home from Marion , NC and it was a much smoother ride than expected, it handled great and cruise control was set at 60 mph , stretching every bit of that 8 mpg I am hoping for. The one thing I did notice that scared me the most, beside the fact of only having inches in each side to spare, was when big trucks pass you the air tends to push you a little to the side, just a small learning curve to adjust too.
All in all the driving experience was a success, woke up with a stiffer neck the next day, but when you ride with your loved ones, and your car, and your house , and your sweaty palms you tend to stay a little more focused.
Happy Travels

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    He did awesome! I’m so proud of him! Even though I knew he was freaking out, he was a total natural… we’re going to be ok 😛

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