Cedar Key “A glimpse of old Florida”

How we got to Cedar Key, I’m not sure, but I do have to give credit and thank Technomadia for a post I read in their blog about Cedar Key and inspired this idea for a change in our trajectory, it was still too cold to head north so instead we turned back around and went back to Florida. Cedar Key is still one of our favorites, if not THE favorite… it just has or doesn’t have everything we need 🙂 Slow pace Key style living… it’s a drinking town with a fishing problem.. no stop lights and (street legal) golf cart friendly. We rode our motorcycle and our bikes all throughout the town of 4,500 residents since you could do it in a couple of hours. We bought veggies and crab cakes at Sandy’s and I ran downtown and to the marina at least twice a week and then later enjoyed some happy hours and good live music. We enjoyed meeting Mary Ellen Szper (The Cedar Key Artist! in my opinion..) also Melissa and Don (owners of Away from the World Cafe) and also running into someone we already knew, just randomly at Away from the world, how fitting.


We also loved and still talk about to this day about “Low Key Hideaway“, Pat and Cindi are super cool and also happened to be veteran RVers, they found this gem of a place and turned it into gold!

Also took an airplane ride to see Cedar Key by air with Marvin ( a very experience pilot, he’s usually at the airport on the weekends waiting to take you on a ride).



Also drove out to Three sisters springs and rented a kayak, that was the most beautiful and relaxing place, it took a little to find it and also made a stop at Copp Winery and had to have a tasting just to ask for directions (very worth it).



“All journeys have secret destinations

of which the traveler is unaware.”

–  Martin Buber