Balloons, Xscapers, and Dry Camping!

Still collecting my photos and marbles from this fun stay at the but overall so beautiful and so fun to be able to spend it with such a fun group of people

The balloons have come and gone and we are left with lasting memories, less alcohol, solar dreams and full tanks!

Seeing over 500 balloons up close and being in the energy and excitement was a lot more intense than we imagined.  The overall production between the balloon staff, the city planning, the police presence, the vast amount of vendors even down to the RV parking was well organized.  Another successful year for  The Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta who has been hosting this event since 1975 and worth experiencing if you can make the trip.

Within all of that we had our own little RV group that we recently joined called the Xscapers.  (made up of working RV’ers most of them full timers and well before retirement).

It was a quick five days for us parked side by side in an open field with fellow RV’ers, some old friends; RV Wanderlust, Drive Dive Devour & The Roaming Pint and others that we have followed through social media and had the opportunity to meet and making new friends; Nosh BusFinding MarshallTechnomadiaWheelingitWander WasiMarxrvRolling RecessAdventure-NextThe Kuhl OdysseyThisawayzThe Traveling Haywoods.

We also managed our first dry camping stint which was an experience all of its own and has us considering a solar setup to take on our adventures for 2016.   We recently acquired an unlimited internet data plan and that has freed us mentally of those bandwidth constraints and adding solar to our mix will give us another option of flexibility for our RV.  It was encouraging and refreshing to see how others have done their solar setups and looking forward to the next meet up where we are better suited for off the grid dry camping.

In the end we left the Balloon fiesta with a lot more than we signed up for;

  • A lifelong memory
  • A better understanding of our RV capabilities
  • New friends and a sense of family on the road that we hope to be a part of again.


Till we meet again!

Other Xscapers capturing the moment:

A great video compilation from Travis & Melanie Carr



My (Denny) epic photo of the weekend.  I only took a handful of pictures as Veronica did the rest and has a much better eye, but I was super stoked about capturing this picture as I was like a little kid wanting to see the Darth Vader balloon.









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