And back to escaping the winter in the Keys

We were back to our old routine again… this was our second time around in Key Largo, but dodging winter is a sunny business.  So we went back to old habits quickly, good and bad ones 🙂 Although I was trying to stay somewhat healthy and keep training for the second half marathon I signed up for this year.

But added some new things to our routine, we were invited to go boating with our friends and neighbors Greig and Margie and finally got to see the Key Largo Rock Sound Castle. We went kayaking and took it out during our hour lunch and also took out to John PennyCamp state park and Indian Key.  We found some more time to visit our old stomping grounds in Miami, especially on the Half Marathon when my friend Elisa flew in from California to run the race.

Went back to Key West of course.

and managed to keep a pretty active and healthy routine by training for the run, playing tennis, having morning Piyo classes with the girls 🙂

Also this is when I got my first Motorcycle! TW200! I didn’t ride much but got a really good deal..

and of course can’t leave out the FUN times with the old friends and new friends!

  1. Patti Jo says:

    Ok, this will be my first RV…. Information request, log in, question. My husband and I are putting our house for sale our this April. Looking at purchasing an RV. He wanted a Class A, after I looked for a bit, he changed his mind to a 5th wheel. After walking through our first very small RV/boat show, knowing we were going to be working full time I talked him into looking at Toy haulers. The toy hauler would be our office and some day hold a golf cart?

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