Hi! We’re Denny and Veronica, a.k.a  RVoutlawz 😀


Denny is a 43-year-old technomad that specializes in B2B sales on the road. Veronica is a 38-year-old Argentinian-American graphic/web designer.

We’ve hit the road on November 28, 2013, and still moving, we work remotely full time and try not to move too fast in order to enjoy our new destinations fully and still leave room for surprises! We love this new life and look forward to meeting all the characters that make this adventure even more memorable.

Happy Trails! Make sure to live life to it’s fullest and Have Fun!


Here are our furry adventurous kids, Mango and Kali!


The Home on wheels( Thor Outlaw 37MD)  a.k.a. adventure mobile setup while on the road with our TW200’s motorcycles!