2014 Health and Fitness Journey recap

Setting health goals while traveling can be pretty tricky, here we are with our first year of living in an RV full-time and we have managed to find a fitness routine within our every changing lifestyle.   Our first year was a lot of dabbling to stay fit, one thing we did do well was to keep an open mind and adjusting our workouts to our surroundings.  We did find however in our year of travel that daily walks and eating properly were the foundation and be can be done anywhere.  Below you will see the different avenues we have taken as we continue to find fun things to stay active and fit while Full-timing and most importantly having fun.

First of all, this is our home on wheels (Thor Outlaw 37MD), along with  our adventure mobiles which includes a motorcycle (soon it will be two!), a Jeep Patriot with a tandem Kayak on top 🙂 and two hybrid bikes to tour around with.


In the beginning of our journey we started the year off right with a little cross-fit in Key Largo.. (3 months) while we dodged the winter and some T25 outside our RV!   1509062_564929846929310_439138636_n1499432_547020162053612_204494640_n

Eating healthy started after we found ourselves drinking more and adding a few pounds while visiting new places.  So with our Nuwave Induction burner we really started crafting quick, easy and healthier food.  We have enjoyed it so much that we created a small Facebook group for ‘RV Healthy Eating‘ Between cooking good meals and  making our Shakeology smoothies (alternate breakfast and afternoon snacks) we finally designed a lifestyle that would be our foundation.  Taking advantage of our local fresh foods stands is just a bonus.


We then incorporated daily walks soon after we purchased two fitness bands (misfit shines) and have set alarms at 10am and 3pm to remind us to take a 15 min break from work and get off our butts to walk! (sometimes when the campgrounds allow the cats will come along too)  It is also a great way to check out for a few minutes and come back refreshed to work.


Sometimes the best way to explore new places is with our bikes.  Whether it is touring around Lake Michigan, biking inside on a colder day in North Carolina,  Long unexpected treks around Lake George, NY or finding little parks in Cedar Key Florida.

Here are some of our bike routes.. I like keeping track of the maps 🙂


Kayaking is also another way to workout and enjoy the outdoors.  It is amazing how much our experience opens up from the waters we get to go on.  Plus being out in the sun with the person you love and enjoying nature is priceless.


Veronica loves to run and being able to run on beaches is just a bonus on top of everything else… She found her inspiration to train while we stayed in Myrtle Beach and in St Augustine and helped her to beat her own personal half marathon record of 1:58!  Next is the Miami race and more memories to come.


Piyo is a new favorite workout, which  is a great way to start the morning and even get some neighbors to join in.  Throw in some kettle-bell circuits, along with some push ups/sit ups and you have a enough to get you closer to a healthy routine.


Tennis is also another great workout and pass-time whenever we find good courts… we get pretty competitive out there…(we’re not awesome just good enough to have intense games between ourselves )haha!


While passing through Raleigh, NC, (Our last sticks & bricks) we like to stop and say hi to our favorite Raleigh people’s and gym ( G.I Gym). Also throwing a pic of Denny washing the RV, it’s a workout by itself!


Last but definitely not the least… what is this RV adventure is about?… being outside, hiking, walking, exploring and enjoying nature, but most importantly–having FUN and making memories along the way!


In the end, the small adjustments are helping make the difference for us.  (Daily walks, healthy meals  and lots of water)  The biking, kayak and other activities are just what we do to have fun and in the process get a great work out. We look forward to what the 2015 new roads may bring.

Happy Trails and Stay Healthy